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Welcome to a new era of wellness. Renegade Health proudly introduces "Vital" – a dietary supplement innovatively designed to support your heart's well-being. With carefully selected natural ingredients, each capsule is a step towards a healthier heart.

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The Summer 2024 Issue Is Here!

The Summer 2024 issue of Renegade Health Magazine is now available, featuring articles from:

  • Ron Coleman
  • Sandeep Palakodeti, MD & John Goldman
  • Michael Wolf
  • Matthew Rife

plus 13 more!

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What Is Renegade Health?

This isn’t a medical journal.

This wasn't created for doctors.

This isn’t mainstream approved.

Renegade Health Magazine is designed with a single purpose in mind:

  • Help you get healthy
  • The contributors to this magazine aren’t all doctors
  • They may not have prestigious credentials
  • They aren’t funded by Big Pharma, Big Ag, or Big Academia
  • They have proven their ability to help people improve their health