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Renegade Health

Renegade Health Magazine Autumn 2023 Issue

Renegade Health Magazine Autumn 2023 Issue

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In This Issue


  • The Root Cause of Illness by Remnant MD
  • The Four Pillars of Health by Mike Baker (Guru Anaerobic)
  • Active Fatherhood, High Performance, and Long Healthspan: Choosing More Than Two by The Deal Director
  • Goals vs. Systems by Scott Adams
  • Conquer Your Sleep Disorder: Part III by BowTied Hermit Crab


  • Turning Back The Clock with GHK-Cu by Denis Protocol, NP
  • The Importance of Skincare by Fawn
  • Ditch The Toxic Clothing (Your Health Will Thank You) by Sebastian Bernal
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Autism by Jessica Alana
  • Why Your Smile Is So Important by Stephanie Steckel, DDS, MS


  • The Origins of The COVID Response by Keva Silversmith
  • Reflections on the COVID Pandemic by CoffeeBlackMD
  • Understanding the Economics of Healthcare by BowTied CEO
  • Civil Commitment in Psychiatry by Jungle Shrink
  • Should You Get A Full Body Screening MRI? by BowTied Grey
  • How Medical Care Should Be: Our Family's Journey to Direct Primary Care by Tom Meitner
  • Potential Perils of AI in Medicine by BowTied Loon
  • Doctors Suck by Marc Lobliner

Mental Health

  • The Mind Is The Body And The Body Is The Mind by UntiedWolfDog
  • Modern Marriage Crisis by Noah Revoy


  • Get Your Hands Dirty by Joshua Rainer
  • How To Generate Meal Plans With ChatGPT by John Fawkes

Physical Fitness

  • An Introduction to Yogic Life by BowTied Yogi
  • Debunking The “Machines Are Bad” Myth by Frances Melia
  • Building Muscle At Home with Calisthenics by Travis Day
  • Don’t Get Lost in The Numbers of Physical Performance by Jordan Goldstein
  • Learn To Fight For Your Health by Movement Martials

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