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Renegade Health

Renegade Health Magazine Spring 2023 Issue

Renegade Health Magazine Spring 2023 Issue

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In This Issue

Physical Therapy

  • Fix Your Knee Pain with Simple Strategies by Alexander Cortes
  • Restore Lost Range of Motion In Any Joint by BowTied Kobra
  • Understanding Shoulder Impingement by BowTied Bengal
  • Building Stronger, Denser Bones for Life by Hybrid Athlete
  • The Site of the Pain Is Never the Source by Alexandre Bernier

Weight Training

  • Strength Prevents Dying by Marc Lobliner
  • Building a Legit Natural Physique by Francis Melia


  • Practical and Delicious Meal Prep by BowTied Octopod


  • To Medicate or Not To Medicate; That is the Question by Abud Bakri
  • Anxiety and OCD Protocol: GABA Quantum Revitalization by Grimhood
  • The Importance of Optimal Estrogen Levels in Men by BowTied Biohacker
  • How to Avoid A Heart Attack by Philip Ovadia
  • Finding A Physician to Optimize Your Health by BowTied Loon
  • My Diabetes Journey by Benjamin Braddock
  • Diabetes Damages The Heart by Brady Holmer
  • Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby by Dr. Bryan
  • Revival of The Hippocratic Oath by Remnant MD


  • Conquer Your Sleep Disorder by BowTied Hermit Crab
  • The Effects of Mold on Circadian Rhythm by Andra Sitoianu
  • Early Morning & Late Night Phone Use Is Destroying Your Health by RootCause Doctor

Mental Health

  • The Dismal State of Youth Mental Health by Cultivating Chi
  • Four Pillars of Stress by John Constas

Skin & Teeth

  • Can I Use Moisturizer After Niacinamide? by BowTied Fawn
  • Digging Deeper into the Oral Microbiome by BowTied Gator DDS


  • Love in the Time of Dating Apps by BowTied Cuda


  • 7 Herbs for Your Kitchen Apothecary by BowTied Mrs Garden
  • Where Does Your Apothecary Grow? by BowTied Garden


  • A Better Approach to Buying Supplements by BowTied Grey
  • Ditch Your Multivitamin by BowTied Vitamins


  • DEI is the Death Knell for Medicine by Doc Anarchy

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