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Renegade Health

Renegade Health Magazine Summer 2023 Issue

Renegade Health Magazine Summer 2023 Issue

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In This Issue


  • Who Spiked Your Balls? by Dr. Lynn Fynn
  • Modern Life Mitigation & Circadian Reset by BH3
  • Should I See a Naturopathic Physician? by Dr. Alan Bradford, NMD
  • Disc Herniation: To Cut, or Not to Cut? by Andrew Lehn, MD
  • Mitochondria: The Missing Piece in Health Care by Anonymous
  • How Medical Guidelines Work by BowTied Loon


  • Serum, Moisturizer, and How to Use Them by BowTied Fawn

Mental Health

  • My Journey Through Drug Addiction by Alex Cherry
  • Why Man Needs Emotion by The Trauma Guy
  • Your Daily Meditation Practice by BowTied Fighter
  • Zookeeping ADHD by Jordan Taylor


  • Is Our Medical System Beyond Hope? by Brian Lenzkes
  • Understanding Your Cost of Care by BowTied CEO
  • The Bitcoin Cure by Anonymous
  • What Is Value Based Care? by BowTied Tree Frog
  • Coercion Is Not Consent by Mary Talley Bowden

Women's Health

  • Optimal Nutrition For Preconception and Gestation by Ariel Acevedo
  • Four Common Mistakes During Cycle Syncing and Menses by Ingri Pauline

Dental Health

  • Biting Into The Truth: How Our Environment Shapes Our Face by BowTied Gator
  • Crooked to Straight: Your Roadmap to Your Best Smile by Stephanie Steckel, DDS, MS

Physical Fitness

  • The FleX Theory of Power by Malcolm Flex
  • Avoiding Back Pain From Deadlifts by BowTied Bengal
  • Breathe Your Way To Better Health by Brian The Beard


  • Conquer Your Sleep Disorder: Part II by BowTied Hermit Crab


  • Warning: The “Red Pill” is True (sort of) by Leila Tomasone


  • Meet Your Protein Demands by Harsh Strongman (LifeMathMoney)


  • Take Control of Your Food Chain by BowTied Farmer
  • Get Prepared for The Cold and Flu Season by BowTied Mrs Garden
  • The Principles of Regenerative Agriculture by Ryan Griggs

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